The Right Size Cabin Bag Full ViewWhy buy The Right Size Cabin Bag?

The Right Size Cabin Bag is designed with one goal in mind: To save you money! We have crafted this durable and practical case for the simple purpose, to avoid paying the often upsetting extra fees at the boarding gate. Our Cabin Bags are designed to be the best in the market, they don’t just fit the Size Restrictions, they are a bag made to last!

The Right Size

Of course we have to mention the size, we couldn’t just leave you guessing. The bags external measurement sizes are : Height: 50cm Width: 39cm and depth 19cm, they are constructed with lightweight, solid frames to prevent the surfaces from bulging, ensuring that your luggage does not exceed the dimensions of the bag, (to this day, not one customer has reported getting caught exceeding the size restrictions at the gate).


The Right Size Cabin Bag Open ViewWe have spent countless hours sourcing the lightest but most durable materials ideal for manufacturing the bag. All this effort has paid off with the bag averaging a weight of 2.8kg (market leading bags weigh in at over 3.5Kg) this means not only does the Cabin Bag fit most airlines, but it makes it one of the lightest Cabin Luggage bags on the market today.

Storage & Durability

Our cabin bags are designed to maximise the generous free hand luggage allowance given by most airlines, so you don’t waste money or inches!!! Remember, however to watch that airline weight limit.

These bags are built to last, with super strong Materials forming the majority of skin, and strong, durable handles, these bags will long outlast our fantastic 2 year guarantee!

Zip Combination Lock

The Right Size Cabin Bag Lock ViewPeace of mind is priceless, with this in mind we have included a built in combination lock system that you can set your own 3 digit combination to and simply slot the zips into the lock to ensure that the bag cannot be opened.

Front Compartment

Most Cabin Bags have large front compartments for those little essentials, a book, a box of perfume you purchased in duty free, but this can make the bag bulge, so it won’t fit the cages anymore. But you should place any bulky items in the main part of the bag, leaving lots of room in the front compartment for your travel documents.

Durable / Reinforced Handle

One of the most irritating features of a “cheap” bag is the handles, which invariably break! We have designed our handles to last through years and years of continued use without breaking. If you would like any more information about our Cabin Bags, we’re here to help, just drop us a line or simply email using our contact page, we will be glad to answer any questions you have.